It’s On!!!! Yummie Tummie vs. Spanx

It seems that Real Housewives of New York, Heather Thomson, and her shapewear company, Yummie Tummie, have a bone to pick with fellow shapewear company Spanx.

According to the Buckhead Patch, Spanx has filed a lawsuit against Yummie Tummie because Thomson’s company has been claiming that Spanx infringes on many of its design patents. Spanx disagrees and is trying to get a judge to declare that it has not stolen any ideas.

Heather commented on her company’s website, “We brought this to your attention expecting you to stop. Instead you’ve chosen to sue us, no doubt thinking your massive company could intimidate ours. We have successfully enforced our design patents in the past and will continue to do so. Sara (Blakeley, creator of Spanx), I truly expected more of you as a fellow entrepreneur.”

Spanx to responded  to Today with, “Spanx designed our original shaping camisole in 2005 long before Yummie Tummie in 2008. Spanx has had countless imitators through the years. Anyone can make a claim, but it doesn’t mean it has merit. Spanx has not infringed on any valid patent, and we will continue to make fabulous products for our loyal fans.”