Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Finale Recap

All good things must come to an end. With last night, the third season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” came to an end. While it wasn’t as harrowing a season as the second, this season still had its share of drama, especially in the department of Adrienne vs. Brandi. Here’s our recap of last nights finale:

We open where we left off, back at Lisa’s vow renewal party. We see Yolanda tell her husband David it’s okay to go greet his ex-wife if he wants. His ex is Linda (mother to Brody Jenner and ex-wife of Bruce Jenner). She was the woman who, when Taylor went nutso on the boat last year, had bizarre things to say about the ocean. Then Lisa greets more guests and finally we dive right into the drama. We see Brandi telling Yolanda what Faye accused her of- breaking up Adrienne’s family. First of all, it’s ridiculous that ONE comment would break up a family. It’s actually impossible. Secondly, the “secret” Brandi revealed at that dinner couldn’t have been that much of a secret if the entire cast already seemed to know what it was. And if Adrienne and Brandi were never friends, how would Brandi know a deep secret about her that Adrienne only told her closest friends? Finally, who cares if you used a surrogate for your children? Honestly. It’s not like you cheated on their father to have them and that was the big secret. We also don’t think this is what ruined their marriage. Maybe it was Adrienne’s demoralizing way of talking to Paul. Did that ever cross Faye’s mind, or is she too consumed plotting another Nicole Brown book she can make money off of?

We then see Yolanda decide to have Marisa come over so that they can talk, since Marisa was the one that started this latest drama by talking smack about a text Brandi had sent her. Rather than approach Brandi about it, Marisa decided to yap to the group in true middle school- err, housewives- fashion. Brandi’s text was funny to us, and honestly, Marisa doesn’t appear overly interested in her husband, as she constantly seems to look at other people. Marisa tries to claim she wasn’t mad about the text, but it definitely seemed the week before that she was. We then find out Faye said Brandi would sleep with a married man. What is with this Faye woman? She has an agenda out for Brandi (aka an agenda out to start drama with one of the biggest stars on the show) and it’s been clear this entire season.

Next, Taylor talks to Linda about how it was hard for her to be friends with Yolanda and David at first since Linda had previously been married to David. Taylor starts crying (maybe she had some wine?) and then Linda assures her it’s fine if they’re all friends.

The wine keeps pouring and then we see Lisa and Faye talking. Faye tells Lisa she thinks that she uses Brandi to get even with people- and by people, Faye means Adrienne. Personally, Lisa has never been one to stand idly quiet when she has something to say, so we find this hard to believe. Also, if Faye is a real “lady,” shouldn’t she not be insulting the host at her own party? We really felt for Lisa here as she was trying to have a nice event and Faye really put a damper on that.

Faye and Lisa continue talking and Faye starts telling Lisa how Brandi ruined Adrienne’s marriage. Then Yolanda tells Brandi to come with her and they all are in a circle with Lisa and Faye now arguing. Of course Kyle, who “doesn’t like getting involved in other people’s fighting” (yes, read that a few times and let it process) comes over to see what’s going on. Yolanda points out that Faye fights other peoples battles, as she is spreading gossip about Brandi possibly on Kyle’s behalf. We don’t believe that Brandi had sex in a bathroom at Kyle’s white party. We’re pretty sure Brandi’s a hot mama who could get it in other places than a bathroom 😉

After a commercial break, we are back, in the middle of this fight. Yolanda tells Faye that she is rude for what she’s done and Faye says that this is “boring.” If it’s boring, we agree with Brandi- LEAVE. If Faye is so bored by all of this, why is she insisting on starting drama for camera time? Then Kyle and Lisa start getting into it, as Kyle says this doesn’t involve Lisa and Lisa feels it does. Brandi then tells Faye she’s obsessed with her. We can’t help but agree. Finally, Faye walks away from Brandi because she “can’t take it anymore.” Good riddance.

Kyle next tries to explain why Faye would be upset and Kim FLIPS out that Kyle is not saying that Brandi hurt her also last season. It’s as if Kim is finally catching on how Kyle acts both as a friend and sister. Kim definitely looked really upset and we get why, although this wasn’t really a moment that involved Kim vs. Brandi. Kyle, who is not one to sit quietly, gets into it for a moment with Kim about this and how she “hasn’t forgotten.” Then we see a flashback to season 1 where Kyle outed Kim as alcoholic. Obviously, Kyle has some thinking to do about how she acts as a sister, as a good sister may have handled this off-camera.

We then go to a commercial break, but the preview for what was near vomit-inducing. We see Adrienne- who has just announced she is getting a divorce- dolled up in full make up, making an entrance into Lisa’s party. If you’re SO devastated by your marriage falling apart, wouldn’t you just not show up to this party? It seems family and coping would take priority at this point, not making a grand entrance for a reality show. Plus, Adrienne doesn’t even LIKE Lisa overall. Why go to someone’s party you don’t like unless to seek attention? Then we see Kyle start crying, because, you know, that’s how you comfort your friend who is getting a divorce.

Lisa, who- again- is the HOST, decides to give Adrienne some space. Honestly, who does this? Who barges into a party and makes a spectacle of themselves and then doesn’t even greet the host? We’re totally in agreement with Lisa here. It was interesting to hear Adrienne say that she can’t be away from her children. When have we ever seen Adrienne’s children (maybe once- if ever?) on the series? We know this show takes up a large chunk of your time when filming, so we can’t imagine Adrienne’s kids are her first priority based on what we’ve seen. Ken did an interview segment where he did say Adrienne didn’t apologize for being late and this was “typical.” We will say we disagree with him on that front, as being prompt may not have been Adrienne’s main concern that day. However, we don’t feel that Adrienne should have been there that day period.

While most of the girls are inside with Adrienne, Yolanda and Marisa are outside. They are still talking about the Brandi vs. Adrienne situation and who should have done what. Yolanda also voices what we were ALL thinking- if you just announced your divorce from your husband, why are you here at a party?

Then we go back to the girls talking to Adrienne. In the one on one interview, Adrienne complains that Lisa didn’t come over to her. Uh- aren’t you in Lisa’s house at a party FOR Lisa making a scene about yourself? Adrienne decides to leave and the girls tell Lisa that Adrienne sends her love. Lisa seems to think the timing was strange (that Adrienne announced her separation on the day of Lisa’s renewal of her vows). Personally, we think it was just coincidental.

We then go to a commercial break, a brief one minute convo with the girls, another commercial break, and then we are brought into Lisa’s bedroom. She is with Brandi discussing the party. Lisa starts questioning whether or not she should renew her vows because it “doesn’t feel right” with the news about Adrienne. Brandi jokes that if Lisa doesn’t renew her vows, she (Brandi) will go do it. We think it’s cute how much Brandi adores Ken. We love him, too! Lisa and him are a fantastic couple. Lisa eventually decides to go through with it.

We then go to Lisa’s vow renewals. They are among the most gorgeous of ceremonies we have ever seen! The Vanderpumps really know how to throw an elegant event. Drama aside, this season ends on a beautiful note. We have to say we LOVE that Kyle is yet again in tears during this ceremony. Does this woman ever not cry? We’re not making fun of her; she even admitted it on twitter. She can’t help but cry!

In the little information we see about the women at the end, we learn the following:

– Lisa is now on “Dancing With The Stars” (We knew that!)

– Kyle has opened her store, yet “doesn’t do lunch with Lisa” even though it’s down the street from her store.

– Yolanda had lymes disease. We SINCERELY wish her well and the best. We hope she has a speedy recovery.

– Adrienne claims her friendships with the women have “changed.” This is her last word she’ll ever say. We say sayonara! Bravo did claim she’s dating Rod Stewart’s son but we’re pretty sure this information is outdated, as we heard they broke up.

– Taylor is in love with a lawyer- we didn’t know he was still married, though! But good for her that she’s in love. She deserves it after everything with Russell.

– Apparently, we learn Taylor has the biggest mouth-when it comes to eating cake. This from Kevin Lee. Everything is bigger and better in Beverly Hills. Shi shi shi!

– Brandi invited Paul to her birthday party, but not Adrienne. We’ve heard she is on good terms with him.

– Kim is still in a good place. We are so proud of her and so happy for her! Yay sobriety!

Overall, this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was subpar to last year’s crazy season, but it had its drama to keep us filled. Now upward and onward to the reunion!