RHONY all not coming back? We call BS on this rumor!

There is a rumor circulating the web that NONE of the Real Housewives of NY will be returning, as they weren’t invited to NBC’s Upfront event, whereas the cast of NJ was. We don’t believe this rumor for a number of reasons:

1- Sonja has already claimed that she is coming back. This could be her speaking however.

2- LuAnn has also said she’s coming back and would be working on her singing career. This also doesn’t confirm anything.

3- NJ has already filmed and NY has not, so it would make sense to have the NJ at the Upfront since their show will likely be airing in the fall

4- Would the show survive without Ramona Singer? We say not. Think turtle time. Or Pinot Grigio.

5- We have a source close to the show that has told us some plot plans about one of the housewives for the upcoming season. No, we can’t say which wife at this time.

6- Most importantly, by getting rid of the entire cast Bravo would give the viewers no reason to tune in, as there would be no attachments to any cast member. When three members were replaced last season, ratings immediately went down. We doubt they’d risk that again.

We truly believe they should have brought Jill Zarin back to boost ratings; however, she ruined her chances by taping her interview with Andy Cohen herself.

What are your thoughts? Would you watch with with a new cast?