Catching Up With: Peggy Tanous

Here is a new series of blogs we will be starting called “Catching Up With.” In it, we will try to catch up with former Bravo-lebrities and reality stars. Here is our first catching up with none other than one of our favorite housewives and PEOPLE ever, Peggy Tanous from “Real Housewives of Orange County!”

Read the interview below to find out all the exciting things Peggy has been up to, why she left housewives, and who she stays in touch with from the housewives!

Q: What have you been up to since housewives ended?

A: What have I been up to? What haven’t I been up to! Lol! Well first and foremost I have been busy taking care of my beautiful daughters London (5) and Capri (3.5) and my amazing husband Micah! I’ve also been helping out weekly in London’s school! In addition, I have been very busy hosting all kinds of events from fashion shows, charities to beauty pageants! I started auditioning again for various hosting gigs, commercials and even some TV shows! I have also been shooting covers for various magazines. So, I’ve definitely been busy!

Q: Why did you decide to leave Housewives?

A: Why did I leave RHOOC??? Well, there is not just one reason, but the main reason is I didn’t agree with the financial part of my contract. Orange County has always been paid the least of all franchises. Each franchise has a different production company and ours, in my opinion, does not reward it’s cast the way it should. For me it wasn’t just about the money though, so I did consider staying, but them filmed at Vicki’s dinner party on last Season’s premiere and it was there that I decided the format was not for me. I didn’t want to get pigeon holed as a “housewife” or become somebody I wasn’t just to make production happy or get ratings.

Q: What- if anything- do you feel the show did to help you?

A: How did the show help me?? I am very thankful for the opportunity I had and the great experience the show was for me! I left with my integrity, having lots of fun and getting me back in the business I have been in since I was ten years old! I love Bravo and Andy Cohen and got along with all the girls! The show gave me a voice to speak about my Post Partum Depression and got me in the spotlight on a higher level  than before to now pursue ventures that are more true to me! And the show proved to me reality is not as bad or scary as I used to think it was!

Q: Which housewives are you still close with?

A: Now that I’m off the show and not filming with the cast, I don’t stay in touch too much with the girls. When I decided to leave I really distanced myself, as I felt if I was going to leave I needed to focus on new ventures. We are all so busy with our own lives it is hard to find extra time, but I do still keep in touch with Gretchen and Tamra and I just saw Vicki at a party. Jeana and I also just caught up recently on the phone. I am very close with Lynne Curtin, as we live close and have a lot of mutual friends in our social circles!

Q: What products are you involved with currently?

A: I like to promote various products that I use and believe in! Vita Coco coconut water is one I love! Thanks to you I discovered Lush and I am obsessed with Bellanonna Boutique’s products!¬† I still offer some products on and I have a meeting tomorrow for a new health product that I have been asked to endorse, so stay tuned!!!

Q: Tell our readers about all of the exciting projects you’re involved with now.

A: I just finished filming and am getting ready to release my first fitness DVD later this spring! I’m so excited for this, as many celebrities come out with fitness DVD’s, but the premise of mine has never been done! I came up with the idea two years ago while filming OC Housewives but was too busy to pursue it and didn’t move forward with the project. This past December after I kept getting fans asking how I stay in shape and the fact I was a fitness model since the age of 17, I decided I had to come out with the DVD! I also have been approached to be the face of a supplement company! This is very new, so stay tuned! And then I was given the opportunity to come out with some various clothing lines which I’m finalizing now, so this summer you may see some on the shelves of a few high end boutiques! Beyond all that, I am in production on three different new shows! The great thing is I wrote all of them and will also be a co-producer on them!!! One is a fashion related show I will host, one is a mommy’s show and the last I’m really excited about because it’s a new spin for a dating show! Lots of fun ahead!

Q: How are Micah (your husband) and the kids?

A: Micah and the girls are amazing!!!! Micah is busy with all different new projects along with his existing Internet and App company that is 17 yrs. old now! The girls are getting so big and easier every day!!! I’ve really enjoyed this last year of trying to focus on them a lot more. The show made that more challenging. London starts kindergarten this summer and Capri is in per-school! They have done a few modeling jobs and now that they are a little bigger we will probably pursue it a little more if they want to!

Q: How do you stay out of the drama?

A: How do I stay out of the drama?? Well, I try to spend time with people that are positive and have the same beliefs and visions I do. If people don’t support and uplift you, dump the baggage. But wether you are on a reality show or not, there is always drama. You just learn to deal with it logically and get out quick! Lol. I recently had a friend of 13 years decide she can’t talk to me because we had a difference of opinions. I was sad and disappointed, but at the same time if she wants to be immature and hold a grudge that destroys 13 yrs. I don’t want her around. Bye bye the door will hit you on the way out! And if you threaten or hurt my family I will not play nice at all!

Q: Would you ever return to Housewives?

A: Would I ever return to Housewives?? Never say never! I don’t think I would ever return as a full time housewife, but maybe as a friend or cameos kinda like Camille did on RHOBH this season!

Q: Anything else you want to share?

A: Thanks for checking in with me and for all the love and support! Really exciting things are happening, so stay tuned! Check back with me regularly, for in my world things change daily! And remember to follow me on Twitter @peggytanous, FB under Peggy Tanous and on my site at!!!

Thanks for interviewing with us, Peggy! We adore you and can’t wait to catch up on all of these exciting projects!

Peggy when we met her in November!

Peggy when we met her in November!