10 Things We Learned From The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1

Here is our list of 10 Things We Learned At The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1

1.  Kim Richards really loves her turtles. While it is standard at reunion shows for Andy to greet the women, Kim’s greeting was entertaining, as she re-affirmed her love for turtles. If you follow her on twitter, you see she posts things about turtles often, so it was entertaining to hear them mentioned here.

2.  Brandi Glanville chalks 1 over Adrienne. Brandi makes the point that if Adrienne had a big secret, and made the conscious choice to go on a reality show, she can’t expect to not deal with it if the secret comes out. She also claims that Adrienne wanted fame and “money can’t buy that.” Two points we can’t argue with.

3.    We really like Yolanda. While we started off the season thinking she did seem stand offish and rude, Yolanda really grew on us. By the time she took on Faye at the reunion, we were a big Yolanda champion. Yolanda putting Kyle in her place here really solidified our change of heart. It could have also been the lemonade we were drinking.

4.  Yolanda has never heard of bisexuality. When Andy corrected Yolanda that being gay wasn’t a choice, Yolanda claimed being gay could be a choice. She alluded to the fact that they (I guess her and David?) had a kid who went back and forth (assumingly between being gay and straight?). Andy retorted that they weren’t going to get into this now, and she said they could talk about it over a glass of wine in off-time. Maybe we can conclude that Yolanda has never heard of a bisexual? Just a thought.

5.  A master cleanse can cause a lot of drama. Who would think doing a master cleanse could cause so much disagreement between two women? Kim stuck to her story that there never was a date set in stone for the master cleanse, while Yolanda was upset that they had plans to do the mater cleanse and Kim didn’t return her calls. Call us crazy, but is a master cleanse a team sport? This sounds like something they may want to do individually in the privacy of their own bathrooms. Regardless, it was funny to hear Kim claim Yolanda was upset because Kim “wasn’t there to squeeze lemons” with her. Yolanda does LOVE her lemons.

6.  Yolanda has lymes disease. This was upsetting for us to find out. We really wish her a speedy and successful recovery.

7.  Taylor is not sure if she has a drinking problem. I don’t know how you can be uncertain whether you have a drinking problem or not, especially with Taylor’s history. It’s clear Kim obviously thinks she has a drinking problem and needs help. She even says that she doesn’t think Taylor could just have an occasional few glasses of wine and be okay with that. Drinking problem or not, we have to feel for Taylor. I mean, come on, she had to give up Hermes bags! Jokes aside, she has had a ROUGH past, and we are happy to hear that she is in a happy relationship now. She deserves it.

8.  Andy can be a jokester! Andy mentioned rumors that LeAnn Rimes was going to join the cast. He then jokes with the women, “Well, we’re down a housewife. Would you like to meet the newest housewife?”  He then said to Brandi something about could you imagine if she “came out with your kids?” alluding to LeAnn Rimes. A few of the women looked like they thought he was serious and some even said he crossed the line. Out of all of the things said at this reunion, we really don’t think Andy crossed the line. Plus, Brandi can take a joke. We’re certain she’s not angry with him for this. 

9.  Lisa thinks Kyle was only friendly to Adrienne to get her house listing. Lisa asserts that Kyle was nice to her when she wanted to have Mauricio sell her house and was friendly to Adrienne when she wanted to have Mauricio sell her house. Interesting- and we tend to agree. Kyle seems (from the show at least) to play both sides and do so out of convenience. Also, Adrienne’s chef recently said on facebook that this is true (and he has NO reason to defend Lisa).

10. Lisa doesn’t believe Kyle. Kyle tries to say that Yolanda talked about Lisa behind her back when the girls were in Paris. Lisa ends this part of the reunion saying “I don’t believe it.”

Overall, this was an interesting, dramatic reunion. Coming up Monday is the second and final part of the reunion. We can’t wait!