Memorable Quotes from Tonight’s Real Housewives of Orange County: Season 8, Episode 1

What an episode tonight’s Real Housewives of Orange County was! It was funny and quite dramatic! Here are some of the best quotes from tonight’s episode (with the best line from the night at the bottom!):


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Terry to Heather regarding the lobsters… “I think this would be great with onion rings.”

Tamra regarding Alexis… “I don’t know who she gets on her knees for, but I don’t think it’s Jesus.”

Vicki on her grandchild being born… “He’s so beautiful, Brianna. Seeing Troy for the first time was kind of like seeing Michael and Brianna for the first time. It was pretty special.”

Gretchen to all those who think Slade doesn’t have a job… “You can all suck it!”

Alexis about her recent changes… “A year of change for me. New home, new hair. I like to think of it as getting rid of dead weight.”

Alexis about her trip to Costa Rica last season… “I definitely feel like I was bullied in Costa Rica by Tamra, Gretchen, and Heather.”

Jim to Alexis about the women during the last season… “They tore you down in a group like a pack of wolves.”

Alexis about Heather… “The way that Heather can switch so from being so nice to so mean, I’m just shocked her career as an actress didn’t take off because she’s really good at it.”

Tamra about Vicki… “Hell yes I’m afraid of her… I thought she was gonna bite me last time I saw her.”

Tamra about Slade… “Slade went out and got a job. It’s like now what am I gonna say about him?”

Terri reacting to the menu for the clam bake… “No onion rings?”

Tamra to the bodyguards outside Heather’s house… “Do you need to frisk me?”

Gretchen about calling the evening a clam bake… “Who has clam bakes, by the way? You don’t normally name a dinner. Like when I’m cooking a ham, I don’t say, ‘Hey! I’m having a ham-off!'”


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Vicki on meeting Tamra for the first time in seven months… “If she decides to be a bitch, I’ll be a bitch back. Bring it on, bitch!”

LINE OF THE NIGHT… Tamra talking about Brooks… “My thoughts of Brooks have not changed whats-so-ever. The only thing I can think is that the guy was conceived anally because he’s the biggest asshole I know.”

What were your thoughts on the premiere? Did we miss one of your favorite lines?