Catching Up With Elaine Lancaster- Exclusive!

Elaine Lancaster is one of our favorite people we’ve ever spoken to. Not only is she exceptionally sweet, but she added so much spunk to the last season of Real Housewives of Miami that we found her irresistible- so much that we couldn’t resist the opportunity to catch up with her and see what she’s been up to since the show wrapped.


Here’s our interview with the fabulous Ms. Lancaster- check it out:

Q: How have you been since Real Housewives of Miami wrapped? Tell our readers what you have been up to.

A: Hello my love. I’ve been having a WONDERFUL time traveling for work & pleasure. I’ve been to Paris, London, Rome, Texas, NYC …… I’ve completely overhauled my garden which has been a sheer labor of love. I have been spending a great amount of time focusing on my diet, trying to eat healthier (less wheat).

Q: What products have you been working on? Tell us ALL about them so our readers can purchase them!

A: I have my line which consist of my original Shade, ‘Pusswah Pink’ then her little sister ‘Shine’ & now the newest truest Red I’ve named, ‘Radiant Red’. I have chosen to roll it out slowly since I have completely self funded this endeavor since I believe in this formula. It has no Parabens, No Lead, Not tested on animals, contains Vitamin E. It is everything i’ve always tried to achieve trough combining multiple products & colors creating my idea color & look. Now it’s possible in one application.

Q: Will you be at Lea’s gala this year? If so, will you be performing there?

A: Of course I’ll be at the as I have for the past 11 years. I believe in Roy & Lea and their authentic passion for helping children who get caught up in the Legal system and if you do not have the means to defend yourself you can become trapped in the revolving door and learn to be a career criminal. They want to help provide a way out of the system, educate these kids and put them on a better path. Usually some adults have failed these kids along the way. People like me who come from a stable, ideal family life can take it for granted that everyone has wonderful parents.Well, News Flash, there are a lot of dead beat worthless parents out there who could careless what there kids do & there lies the problem and an avenue for legal trouble.

Q: What upcoming appearances do you have?

A: This Saturday, Lea, Lisa & Me are doing a fabulous shoe store opening called Miami Heels.

Q: What do you think about the rumor that Marysol was downgraded to ‘friend of the Housewives?’

A: I did read that she was downgraded but it could just be a rumor. I was walking in
a fashion show for & I must say I was the star of the show! I love to walk in fashion shows since I was a professional male model in Milan for 3 years and I’m a bonafide ham. Marysol & I chatted afterward since several of the women were in attendance to cheer me on…LOL! Marysol hired me to preform at her 10 year anniversary party. I have no problem with her and hopefully she doesn’t with me. I pray that is all in the past, but I’m the trust but verify type of person because as the saying goes…”Burn me once, shame on YOU… burn me twice, Shame on Me.

Q: We love that on your website for your cosmetics you say that they’re perfect for “temperature rising drama.” Have you used these on the Housewives of Miami or while around Marysol? LOL

A: I almost always wear my signature color, Pusswah Pink. It is the perfect shade of pink for me. It took me nearly 3 months to create this perfect shade of Pink. If there is one think I know, It’s makeup. I’d gladly help anyone who’d like me too.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

A: I am so excited I just recorded my first single,”I AM A QUEEN.” Lee Dagger of Bimbo Jones & Paul Oakenfold are doing their versions and they will be available on iTunes, Amazon as well as other sites soon! Also, look at:

In addition, I just went to St.Michael’s, Maryland to launch Elaine Lancaster Cosmetics at a wonderful boutique/shop, American Holiday. A new company who loves what I do and wanted to support me and help me grow. I will never forget their kindness and feel like we are a part of each other’s family.


This is awesome! Thanks for all of the exciting news! We certainly can’t wait for Elaine’s single and hope to catch up again with her soon! Make sure to visit her websites and Also, follow Elaine on twitter @elainecaster and on Facebook: