Did Apollo Cheat on Phaedra with Kenya?

Everyone seems to be wondering the same question following the finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta: did Kenya and Apollo send sexual text messages to each other?


Obviously for the full answer, we will have to wait until Sunday, but we thought it might be helpful to take a brief look back through this season to see if there’s any chance this might have happened or if it is a case of a rumor twirling out of control.

Going back to the preview for the season, the ads made it seem that there was chemistry between Apollo and Kenya. In the clip, Kenya stated, “Apollo, he’s kind of fine.” We then all remember them going into the pool and go-karting together.

Then came the meeting between Phaedra, Kenya, and Apollo to discuss the upcoming workout video that they initially were going to work on together. Apollo and Kenya seemed to have a chemistry and were flirting with one another. To defend herself, on her Bravo blog, Kenya wrote:

I’m obviously meeting with Apollo and Phaedra to discuss working on a workout video. I’m a very honest and vocal person and don’t consider complimenting Apollo on his physique flirting and certainly meant no harm or disrespect. Naturally, fitness and physique play a role in our potential upcoming venture. All present knew that it was not flirting. Phaedra had no issues with my compliments or jokes nor did my guy. And who flirts with their mate present if they were up to no good? Really, who does that? It was lighthearted and harmless people. It is still my opinion that Apollo is fine and Phaedra is a lucky woman but that is Phaedra’s husband. And I’m not interested in her husband or anyone else’s husband. Enough said.

Seems pretty definitive, no? Well, that seemed like the end of those rumors until the preview for the reunion when Apollo said in reference to Kenya, “I don’t really care for her.”

Kenya’s response? “Maybe you should stop texting me then!”


To which Apollo replied with, “You’ve been trying to get with me! Saying ‘I will do to you what your wife…'” And then all hell breaks out, but in the midst of the arguing, Phaedra can be heard saying, “That’s why I called her a whore!”

So did Kenya and Apollo twirl together? Our guess is probably not. Despite Apollo’s occasional dissatisfaction with his marriage, he and Phaedra are expecting baby boy number 2. Keep checking this blog for updates about this situation and be sure to tune in next Sunday at 8pm.

Photos by bravotv.com