Catching Up With Ryan Nickluas!

Back in 2010, I remember freaking out in a good way that there was a show called The A List: New York, as it was billed as “housewives with balls.” The rumors surrounding the show before it debuted were that it was like a gay version of the Real Housewives franchise. The show was set to premiere on LOGO, MTV’s LGBT network, and feature fabulous people including Marc Jacobs’s ex-boyfriend Austin Armacost, Lance Bass’s ex-boyfriend Reichen Lehmkul, and HUGE celebrity hair stylist Ryan Nickluas. While all of the men had interesting personalities on the show, Ryan Nickluas always stood out as the one guy who deserved the most respect on the show. He was married to his partner before gay marriage was legal in the state of New York (they married in Provincetown) and he seemed to be living a fabulous life. It’s been a little over a year and a half since the last episode of The A List: New York aired and we were very fortunate to get to score an interview to catch up with none other than the fantastic Ryan.

In communicating with Ryan, he is one of the most fun, sincere people we have ever dealt with. Read our exciting interview with him below which discusses The A List, his thoughts on Austin Armacost, being a married gay man, and his new work in starting a family with his husband!:

Q: We remember loving your salon on the show. How is it doing?

A: We’re “cooking.” The salon is doing really well! Check out

Q: What projects have you been involved with since The A List: New York wrapped?

A: I took a big break after the show. I needed time to focus on my family, friends, and business.

Q: How much of what happened on The A List was fact vs. fiction?

A: Well, you know editors…

Q: Do you still stay in touch with your A List co-stars?

A: I still talk to all of the main cast members! Last week I skyped with Rodiney (Santiago) and Nyasha (Zimucha). Both are out of the country doing amazing things!

Q: Why didn’t the A LIst: New York come back for a third season? Would you have done a third one if there was one?

A: I guess LOGO is the only one who can really answer that, but from what I understand, it was a financial thing for them. I would have done another season.

Q: A lot of people called The A List the “gay Housewives.” Do you agree with this comparison?

A: I was the only married person who lived in New York when the show was created. I think it was a “reach” comparison.

Q: Austin was the most controversial of The A List cast members and always seemed to get into the most drama. What are your thoughts on Austin now that you’re removed from The A List?

A: If you follow Austin, you would know how passionate he is for equality, striking down DOMA, and his husband. He is a fun guy with a lot of heart.

Q: What can you tell us about Nyasha? Why was she on the show? She wasn’t a gay man, so we were confused about her place on the show.

A: Every reality show brings on a new cast member for the next season. She made her mark!

Q: You have had a husband for a while. We adore this! Tell our readers your tips for a successful marriage.

A: I have been married for almost six years and have known Desmond (my husband) since 2000. We are in an amazing time with our marriage. We have started our journey for a family with a surrogate, so keep an eye out for an addition or two. Marriage is work and compromise! If you want a great relationship, you must put in the work and both be on the same page.

Q: Who is the most famous person you’ve styled? Who is your favorite person you’ve styled? Who is your least favorite?

A: I can’t “kiss and tell” at the moment! 😉

Q: How can our readers get their hair done by you?

A: They can visit my salon, the Ryan Darius Salon, at 82 West 12th Street in New York, New York. They can call 212-255-3579 to book an appointment.

Q: Would you do a reality show again? What were your favorite and least favorite parts of being on one?

A: Now that I have had some time off, I would do another show if it fit in my current life. I loved working with the cast and crew, but hated filming early in the morning. I need my time to wake up.

Q: Anything else you can tell our readers?

A: I am on the cover of XEX Magazine, which went online this Monday at www.xexmagazine.comCheck it out for some amazing men’s fashion and grooming tips from yours truly! If you’re in Atlantic City, New Jersey, I will be at the Resorts on April 11th. I’m judging “Pro Bar Finds A Star!” (at Atlantic City’s premiere LGBT Club, Prohibition).


We truly enjoyed catching up with Ryan and are so excited about his upcoming projects! We hope to visit his salon and recommend you check him out at Prohibition later in the month if you’re in the area! We are also thrilled for him and Desmond and wish them much luck in their path to starting a family! Below are pictures from his XEX Magazine shoot (and may we add he’s looking dashing)!