Most Memorable Quotes from RHOA Reunion Part 1

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has had their most amazingly entertaining season in years! Here are some of the memorable quotes from this past Sunday’s reunion part 1. Note that almost all of them are from Kenya!


  • “Come on, wig!” – Nene, when telling Andy she wouldn’t have a problem seeing Kim
  • “Everyone up here is a lady- well, everyone up here is a female.” – Phaedra, on the ladies at the reunion
  • “I love to see penises that are oversized, as everyone knows”- Phaedra
  • “You’re gonna go out nude- before I dress you”- Phaedra on being nude and making sure you use her funeral service
  • “I’m grateful”- Phaedra, reacting to the news that Kenya would not want to be a threesome with her
  • “If you’re gonna dish it out, be able to take it.” Nene, to Kandi
  • “Miss USA is just wearing a bathing suit- the other one you have to earn it.” – Porsha, about mixing up Miss USA and Miss America
  • “Porsha is a revisionist historian”- Kenya, on Porsha commenting on her age and then trying to defend it
  • “The most interesting thing about Porsha is me” – Kenya.
  • “My husband is always going to defend his wife”- Porsha, about Kordell defending her at Kenya’s party (this is noted as it’s interesting since the next day after this taped we found out they were getting a divorce)
  • “Let’s get it from a credible website, not some urban bloggers darling”- Phaedra, to Kenya, about Kenya claiming her workout video has outsold Phaedra’s
  • “Most of them are in the wines”- Phaedra, talking about people who have given Kenya’s workout vieo on Amazon
  • “In the words of Whitney Houston- show me the receipts. Now twirl on that.”- Phaedra, trying to insist that Kenya’s video hasn’t sold well
  • “She’s obviously overweight to be doing a workout video.”- Kenya, about Phaedra
  • “You selling a booty made in Mexico.”- Phaedra to Kenya
  • “You’re an evil little devil” – Kenya, to Phaedra
  • “Shut up”- Kenya, to Phaedra
  • “You’re playing a southern bell and you’re nothing like a southern belle”- Kenya, to Phaedra
  • “We’ve got single white female, we’ve got black delusional Kenya”- Pheadra, after seeing herself imitated in Kenya’s video
  • “We have lying attorney Phaedra- I use the word attorney Phaedra” – Kenya, in response to Phaedra
  • “Whatever you were wearing you shouldn’t have been wearing”- Kenya, about Phaedra’s bathing suit
  • “Girl can you fling that thing with your left hand?”- Kandi, to Kenya, about her fan
  • “Everybody on this set has said you crazy as hell”- Phaedra, to Kenya
  • “Don’t come for me unless I send for you”- Kenya
  • “Don’t be disrespectful, because you will be picking up your teeth, pregnant and all”- Kenya, to Phaedra

We can’t wait for next week to see the drama continue and the return of Kim Zlociak!