Questions Raised from the RHOA Reunion Part 2 Preview

Ready for week two of the reunion for the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Here are some questions raised from the episode preview:


– Why is Phaedra called stupid by Nene?
– How will Kim react when she encounters Kandi just hours after she filed legal paperwork against her?
– Will we finally get to see the Kenya/Apollo confrontation?
– Who will be the first to get their face cut by Kenya’s fan?
– What made Kim ditch her wig?
– Doesn’t Kim have a wig on this season of Don’t Be Tardy??
– Does anyone else think of the episode involving the name Seven from Seinfeld when Kim and Kandi discuss baby names?
– What does Porsha say to defend her marriage knowing what was on the horizon?

If you missed our observations from week 1, click here to catch up. Be sure to watch Sunday on bravo and follow along as we live tweet!