Tabatha Takes Over Episode Preview: Season 5 Episode 2

We love Tabatha Takes Over. It was just wonderful to have her back in our life!


During last week’s episode we went to a salon. This week we head to a gay bar and according to, this is what we have to look forward to:

VIP Nightclub in Riverside, California was once the talk of the town, known for its fabulous, fierce drag shows, it also doubled up as a hip gay nightclub with lines out the door. But time has been unkind to this Riverside landmark. When Tabatha arrives, she is welcomed by three stubborn owners, whose spirits have been broken by their rundown business. These grumpy unmotivated owners, along with an indifferent staff, and a club filled with rotting furniture are taking this business closer to shutting its doors for good. Tabatha embarks on a mission to get the drag queens back on their rightful throne. By changing the owner’s antiquated attitudes and straightening out the staff, Tabatha hopes to turn this outdated dive back into the VIP hotspot it once was.

Can’t wait until 10pm tonight? Then you’re in luck because Bravo has posted the first 10 minutes of tonight’s episode online for previewing! Just click here. Enjoy!