What Secrets Were Revealed on the RHOBH?

Is a secret still a secret if it is broadcasted on television? What if secrets are promised, but not really delivered?


Earlier this week, we posted about 10 Things We Learned from the Secrets Revealed episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We began the episode wondering what secrets were about to be revealed. Ready to find out? …

  • Brandi has had her vagina tightened up
  • Faye is not on Kyle’s payroll- aside from decorating for her
  • Faye is one of Kyle’s best friends! She knows how to pick ’em!
  • Lisa Vanderpump likes sales at Neiman Marcus
  • Lisa also has never had a mammogram- lucky for her she is fine
  • Everyone has hurt Taylor and she’s hurt everyone
  • Kyle can do a pretty decent impression of both Lisa and Adrienne. We’d love to watch a whole half hour of her doing a conversation with herself!
  • Kim likes hot dogs, Kyle likes hamburgers
  • Paris Hilton missed her Aunt Kim
  • Yolanda and Brandi love to drink and giggle over new shoes
  • Adrienne’s pulled a Marcia Brady when she threw a football accidentally at her child’s nose!
  • It’s pretty standard to learn driving using a Porsche in Beverly Hills
  • Lisa walked in on Brandi almost having sex with someone who was not Ken
  • Marisa called her husband boo boo, and he called her… boo boo! Creative!
  • Perhaps the biggest secret we learned was that Bravo tricked us into watching a show in which nothing too dramatic or secretive was revealed.