Survey Statements: Who YOU Want to Return to RHONY

Last week we asked you the question: “Who Would You Like to Keep on Real Housewives of New York?” The results are in…



Your number one choice for whom you want to return to RHONY is… Sonja Morgan! Sonja was able to gain over 44% of the votes! We do love Sonja and love to see her hilarious interactions with Ramona. We’ve seen them together in person and these two are friends- not just for the camera. We hope she returns.



Second place for votes was Aviva (22% of the vote). Aviva joined the show last year and her clashes with Sonja and Ramona were some of the best moments of the season. We have met her as well and she is a very sweet lady.



Believe it or not, third place went to “kick them all to the curb” with almost 17% of the vote. Yes, people would rather get rid of all three Housewives than keep the other option, Countess LuAnn (10%). Honestly, if the Countess returning next season means that we get another song as she has claimed, we need her back ASAP.



Last place was to keep them all (almost 7%).

Regardless of what Bravo decides, be sure to stick here for the latest updates.

By the way… This is going to be a new feature on the site: Survey Sunday will happen obviously on Sundays and will have a new question each week for you to voice your opinion. Each Saturday will be Survey Statements in which your opinions as voiced in the weekly survey will be shared. We have some pretty fun plans in store in the coming weeks as well so get ready!