Sheree Whitfield Stars in Movie, How Did It Do?

Any of you go to the theater to see Scary Movie 5 this weekend? If you did, you would have seen a familiar face you might have been missing (or not, depending on your thoughts!)… Sheree Whitfield!

20130414-172537.jpgPhoto Credit: Dimension Films Facebook

If you didn’t go to see Scary Movie 5 this weekend, you weren’t alone. The movie opened in second place behind the Jackie Robinson movie, 42. The baseball film opened with $27.3 million, while the fifth Scary Movie only grossed $15.2 million. That is the lowest of all of the Scary Movie openings to date.

Sheree starred along Big Ang from VH1’s Mob Wives, Lindsay Lohan, and Charlie Sheen.

We got to see Sheree go through auditions on RHOA and are glad she got a part, but hope it’s a bit more successful for her in the future.