Our Favorite Quotes From RHOA Reunion Part 2


By bravo

The second part of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion just wrapped. Here are our favorite quotes:

  • “When I met Cynthia for the first time, I told her you should meet each girl and figure them out for yourself.” – Nene
  • “I feel like Nene is the type either you’re her friend or you’re my friend.”- Kandi, about Nene
  • “I do know that you seeked out to bring Marlo on this show. You met with Marlo outside of these cameras and talked to her. I do know you wanted Marlo to be in this situation because you thought Marlo and I would have an issue about Charles.” – Nene, discussing Phaedra’s involvement with getting Marlo on the show
  • “You had Sheree with her big nose.” – Nene, talking about Phaedra’s alliances in the past season
  • “No one’s talking to you twirl basket.”- Phaedra, to Kenya
  • “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the shadiest of them all”- Kenya, to Phaedra
  • “I consider myself a wordsmith to be exact.”- Phadra
  • “What you did behind my back is went and talked to my half-sisters who I haven’t had a relationship with in over 8 years- you went and sat with them and tried to dig up dirt.”- Nene, on what Phaedra did to her
  • “Before I even came on the show, your sisters had came to my office a few times.”- Phaedra, responding to Nene
  • “You do have a past.”- Nene, to Pheadra
  • “You, Shere and them-and probably Kim with her big ass wig”- Nene, talking to Phaedra about what she did behind her back
  • “If you want me to lick your booty- I’m not gonna do none of that.”- Phaedra, to Nene
  • (Side note and NOT a quote- how UNCOMFORTABLE and agitated did Kandi look when Kim came out?)
  • “I think that everyone on production feels that you confirmed those dates”- Andy, to Kim, about her missing the trip to Anguilla
  • “I would never say never, but I think we’re at different places in our lives.”- Nene, on being friends with Kim again

Overall, it was an entertaining second part of the reunion and it was touching to see Nene and Kim hug it out. What did you think? Let us know!