Lea Black’s Gala Takes Place, Surprising RHOM Guests Attend (And Don’t Attend)

I can see the drama unfolding in my mind on the Real Housewives of Miami already…


Photo by OK Magazine

Picture this: Lea Black is hosting her annual Black Gala this past Saturday to raise money for the Consequences Foundation. We’ve seen this event featured on the show before and it always looks fun and impressive.

Now here’s the kink in Lea’s plan: that same night some of the girls were booked in Wellington, Florida for an appearance at a Gay Polo Tournament hosted by the Gay Polo League (who knew there was such a thing?!?!). At the tournament and party that followed, Alexia, Marysol, Ana, and Lauren Foster were there.

Only Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa attended the Black Gala. Karent Sierra also attended, yet Karent sadly isn’t even an official Housewife anymore.

The fact that Karent was there is a bit surprising considering we exclusively broke the news that she would not be returning to the Real Housewives of Miami next season.

We spoke to Karent who told us that the gala was a great time and that “Only the nice and good housewives were present- Lisa, Joanna, Lea, and I! Haha!”

When pressed for why the other girls didn’t show up Karent told us, “I could only imagine that Ana wouldn’t have the balls to show up.”

She also told us some juicy info: “They mic’ed (microphoned) me on Saturday AND my date -but JUST on Saturday.”

When pressed if this meant she was coming back she told us it was “just to boost their ratings- lol.”

Karent also told us that “It was great spending time with Lisa, Joanna, and Lea. Every time we get together we laugh and have a great time, not tense and bitter like some of the other women.”

We adore Karent and hope to hear and see more form her soon even if she is off the show.

So what does all this mean? It probably points to the fact that there is a deep division within the ladies of Miami. Half went to the polo match, half went to the Gala. Sounds like the making of good TV if you ask me!