While Lydia Talks About Gretchen, Gretchen and Slade Stay Busy Doing a PSA For Haiti!

New Housewife of Orange County Lydia McLaughlin recently went on record in her blog alluding that she doesn’t agree with Gretchen’s way of life (since her and Slade aren’t married but are living together).

Rather than trash talk Lydia or respond in the press, both Gretchen and Slade have taken the high road. They are too preoccupied anyway, busy filming a PSA for Haiti relief.

We reached out to Slade Smiley (whom we adore!) who told us that Gretchen and him are working with a man named Ulysses and Pheel Haiti, a Haiti relief campaign designed to “engage professionals to accomplish a positive change in Hiati’s crippled higher education system.” Slade told us the man shot photos of Gretchen 5 years ago at a fashion show in Philly. It’s great to see Slade and Gretchen getting involved in such a great cause! More info can be found in the video on Pheel Haiti below: