Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3- Our Favorite Quotes

The third and final part of the reunion for the 5th season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta just wrapped tonight. It was explosive and chock-full of crazy. See some of our favorite quotes from tonight: Image

  • “I said at the airport- Cynthia is that her boyfriend? I thought they might… touch at some point.”- Nene, on Kenya and Walter’s relationship
  • “Kenya is an actress.”- Phaedra, about Kenya’s tears outside the restaurant.
  • “Flirting with someone does not a whore make.” – Kenya, in response to Phaedra
  • “I’m not the one who has sex with a convicted felon fresh out of prison” – Kenya, to Phaedra
  • “Devils don’t regret things…”- Kenya, about Phaedra
  • “If his damn toupee caught on fire I wouldn’t even spit on his ass”- Kenya, about Walter
  • “He’s an ass clown… he wants to be famous”- Kenya, about Walter
  • “An ol’ black man” – Nene, in response to Andy asking Kenya who’s making you happy?
  • “Is it Big Poppa?” – Andy trying to get Kenya to tell him who is making her happy
  • “He felt comfortable with it. It was what we were going through.” – Porsha, about if Kordell was happy with the way he was portrayed this season.
  • “I don’t believe they were ever in a relationship”- Peter, about Kenya and Walter’s relationship
  • “I think Walter was pretending, absolutely.” – Kenya on Walter’s claims he was acting as Kenya’s boyfriend
  • “Good source gone bad”- Phaedra, in response to Kenya claiming she had a source that told her that Phaedra was involved with getting Walter on the radio to talk about her
  • “Here’s a twirl for you baby”- Kenya to Peter, after getting up to say she’s gone with the wind fabulous and twirling
  • “Maybe you should stop texting me then”- Kenya, when Apollo said he doesn’t care much for her
  • “I would do to you what your wife  don’t do”- Apollo, about what Kenya allegedly said to him via text
  • “Apollo has always initiated texts with me”- Kenya
  • “If this man was pressing up on you, why did you entertain it?” – Peter
  • “Next time use protection with a man who’s fresh out of prison”- Kenya to Phaedra
  • “Girl you just as fake as your sponsored breasts”- Phaedra to Kenya
  • “You might want to get an Aids test”- Kenya, to Phaedra
  • “He needs to re-augment your, because yours are like banana boats”- Phaedra, to Kenya about her boobs
  • “We’re doing great”- Porsha, about how her and Kordell were “doing now.” (This is interesting since he filed for divorce the next morning)
  • “This is not the show to come on expecting girls to lift you up”- Nene, to Porsha, regarding Porsha claiming she wishes the girls woulde had been supportive of her on the show
  • “I’m real and I’m ready to be real with you guys if you’re ready to be real with me”- Porsha
  • “I still think we need to look for another housewife… I think we need to replace a person.”- Nene, to Andy


And that’s a wrap! So what did you think? And who do you think Nene was referring to? Let us know!