Get The F Out… A CRAZY Episode of Real Housewives of Orange County With Some Crazy Quotes

Here are our favorite quotes from the Real Housewives of Orange County tonight- and what a CRAZY episode it was!


  • “You think I’m Christian- she’s Christian on steroids”- Alexis about Lydia
  • “You and I are business women”- Alexis to Vicki (Sidenote/question: Alexis is a business woman?)
  • “Just because someone is not nice to you… doesn’t mean you’re being bullied”- Heather, about Alexis
  • “There’s so much to love about Lydia… she loves God!”- Alexis about Lydia
  • “We pick who’s going to be on the cover by who’s interesting, who’s going to sell magazines- Heather just isn’t the perfect fit”- Lydia about why Heather couldn’t be on the cover of her husbands magazine
  • “There she is- the girl who wants to sue me walking into my business- and I’m allowing it”- Tamra, about Alexis
  • “My plan to deal with Alexis tonight is no plan… I’m not phony like that”- Gretchen
  • “It takes a lot… even a small dress line”- Alexis about having a business
  • “I must be crazy for going to this”- Lydia about showing up to Tamra’s party with all the tension
  • “She’s a stupid person”- Vicki out loud about Gretchen
  • “Come on Vic- you said MY baby- does she nurse him, too?”- Tamra about Vicki referring to Briana’s baby as “my baby”
  • “I just don’t understand why you wanted to come here”- Tamra, to Alexis
  • “Alexis is… blessing your business”- Vicki to Tamra
  • “Guess what? It shut you up”- Alexis to Tamra about her and Jim threatening to sue Tamra over the Jesus Jugs comment
  • “If you wanted to do a lovely night, you wouldn’t have come”- Gretchen to Alexis
  • “I’m not going to sit here and be ganged up on once again by everyone”- Alexis
  • “Stop with the bullying- and it’s going on again right now”- Alexis
  • “You know what Alexis? You knew what you were walking into. It’s ridiculous. I’m sorry.”- Heather
  • “I don’t need to have a conversation with you”- Heather, to Alexis
  • “This is juvenile- I’m done”- Heather, to Alexis
  • “This is a night I wanted to be with my closest friends- and I think I’m very gracious to allow you to step foot in here tonight”- Tamra, to Alexis
  • “Why the victim card always, Alexis?” – Tamra
  • “You were the leader of the pack ganging up on her at that point”- Gretchen to Alexis about her bullying Vicki
  • “You never take responsibility for anything. You have a very strange relationship with the truth.”- Heather to Alexis
  • “Butt out? You get out. You get the f*** out.”- Tamra, to Alexis
  • “Thank God! Jesus, get the negative out of here.”- Gretchen, about Alexis leaving
  • “Sorry, Vicki, you can choose your side right now. If you wanna side with her, then you can get the f*** out too.”- Tamra, to Vicki about Alexis

SPOILER ALERT- Next week Alexis reveals she had to go on Xanax because of her being bullied by the women on the show. Umm….

Until next time… Let us know what you thought!