Peggy Tanous Says If It Was So Bad, Alexis Should Have Left

Real Housewife of Orange County alum Peggy Tanous started off as friends with Alexis Bellino but they did not end the season that way.


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Although Peggy is no longer on the show, we reached out to her for comment regarding Alexis claiming that she “needed xanax” because of being on the show and that she was bullied.

Peggy told us, “The xanax thing I can see why because I had bad anxiety while filming, but you can’t blame the show. It’s the situations and how you handle them. Living with postpartum and anxiety I can say filming reality can add to this, but it does not cause it. If she (Alexis) felt that way, then why go back for more. I left and if it was so bad season 7, she should have left. But in my opinion she won’t walk because she wants the attention and needs the money.” 

We totally agree with Peggy! What are your thoughts? Let us know!