Our Favorite Quotes From Tonight’s RHOC

Tonight’s Real Housewives of Orange County just ended.


Here are some of our favorite quotes:

  • “It is totally welcome to crazy town in here- ive never heard such a spectacle.” – Lydia
  • “The definition of bullying- and I had to look it up…” – Alexis
  • “Do I think she was being bullied? Absolutely not”- Lydia, about Alexis
  • “Do you want to get thrown out too?” – Tamra, to Heather
  • “I feel like Tamra is a nuclear bomb I need to diffuse”- Heather, about Tamra
  • “Vicki is a shit stirrer, that’s what Vicki is”- Tamra
  • “Gretchen, shh for a minute”- Vicki, to Gretchen
  • “I can yell at you all you want when you’re being stupid”- Gretchen, to Vicki
  • “Somebody’s gonna bless this f******* building”- Tamra
  • “She just kind of snapped and said ‘get the f out of here’- I’ve never seen that before”- Lydia, to Alexis
  • “And I had to go on Xanax for it Lydia!” – Alexis
  • “Someone has to die. So I have to go home and slit my wrists for it to be bullying.”- Alexis
  • “You want to call a bully card? Then I suggest you go home.” – Tamra
  • “Tamra’s still the queen of mean, but I have god on my side. You can’t fight that.”- Alexis
  • “Vicki was up Alexis’s ass and Lydia was standing up for all of us.”- Tamra
  • “I’m on Vicki team”- Vicki
  • “You live in your dream world and I’ll come over here with people who know what life’s about”- Tamra
  • “There are many people in this world that need to be medicated… and her little rich girl problems are not one of them”- Heather
  • “Tamra has humiliated everyone she has come into contact with and one day she’s going to wake up and be on this little island.”- Vicki
  • “Honestly, at this point, we might need an exorcism before we do the blessing.”- Heather
  • “I agree with Tamra”- Briana, about Tamra’s opinion on Brooks
  • “She’s 100% full of shit”- Tamra, about Alexis’s claim that she is on Xanax due to them
  • “Eddie too”- Vicki’s brother Billy, alleging that Eddie may be “on the fence” aka gay
  • “My mother has a lot of balls. I guess the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.”- Vicki
  • “Costa Rica Part 2”- Alexis, about Tamra’s dinner
  • “I would never have gone to Tamra’s if I were you”- Lydia, to Alexis
  • “I can see why they don’t like her.”- Lydia, about Alexis
  • “My world is full. Completely full. Part of that’s the G-O-D.” – Alexis
  • “He’s not coming in this house. He’s not welcome here.” – Ryan (Briana’s husband) to Vicki’s brother

What are your thoughts on the episode? Did you LOVE that Ryan (Briana’s husband) revealed that Brooks tried to pick up prostitutes when they were in Mexico? Loves it! This is proving to be a great season. Let us know your thoughts.