Alexis Bellino Claims Jim and Her Have The Perfect Marriage- and throws a dig at Gretchen and Slade!

Real Housewife of Orange County sat down with Us Weekly for an exclusive video interview.



We have some quotes from the interview and a link to the interview about the break:In the exclusive Us Weekly interview, Alexis claims the following:

* “I definitely regret going to Tamra’s party.”

* “When Vicki asked me… it took her 45 minutes to convince me to go (to Tamra’s party).”

* “Lord knows I could sit and make a list of what I don’t like about each of them (the RHOC) too.”

* “I don’t think everybody thinks Jim and I are the perfect couple, but we do.

* “I always say ‘hey she (Gretchen) decided to buy instead of lease, as she was leasing Slade last season. I say ‘hey, great, she decided to buy the car.'”

* “Lydia I went in this season thinking she was really my friend and I’m hoping it ends this way. I’ve definitely seen some things happen on the show the last few episodes and I say ‘was that really acting like a friend?'”

Interesting! What are your thoughts? Do Alexis and Jim have the perfect marriage? Need I even ask for comment on this?

See the entire video here