Our favorite quotes from the Watch What Happens 1 on 1 with Nene Leakes

A very special episode of Watch What Happens Live 1 on 1 just aired as a 1 hour interview with Housewife of Atlanta Nene Leakes. Here are our favorite quotes from the interview:


* ” I think when people think of Atlanta housewives, they think of Nene Leakes.”

* “I’ve always been a dreamer, but I don’t know if I ever dreamed this big”

* “I never watched Tardy for the Party- on my children. I never wanted to watch it.”

* “Everyone’s asking me are you and Kim friends again?… it’s not like we’re friends. Kim and I are in two good places in our lives… We just sort of agreed to let the past be the past and move on with the future… It’s not like we’re gonna hang out and be best buds.”

* “Me personally- I’m not trying to represent every black woman in America. I’m trying to represent Nene Leakes- and I represent her well.”

* “Sheree, out of all of the girls… I will never have anything to do with. She is very evil, very mean, and she is a true bitch- and that’s not cute… She would always want information from you and not tell you anything… She’s super evil. I don’t want to have anything to do with her. There’s a lot of things that happened.”

* “Kim has a mouth on her. For real. Seriously she does.”

* “It’s really weird that Kandi is going after her (Kim) now. I felt like, why didn’t she do it a long time ago. I felt like at the reunion show Kandi wanted me- or us- to say something to Kim.”

* “Everything that Kim and I have gone through- it’s old news.”

* “I said to Gregg, I want to trust her (Kim). It’s hard for me to trust her.”

* “No (I was not sad to see Sheree go). She needed to go… she brought a lot of negative energy to the cast… she only had business going on in her brain.”

* “No (I never drive by chateau sheree). It’s sitting up there like a box.”

* “I’m not a public affection person. I have a shy side!”

* “With Phaedra and Apollo kissing like that, it’s just nasty.”

* “When Gregg and I entered the show, the problems we had were magnified… Porsha and Kordell had problems before entering the show.”

* “I didn’t see that coming (Kordell filing for divorce from Porsha)… it was very weird to me. It was almost like Porsha would be around us and she had on this face… I don’t know if it was going over her head that they were having real problems.”

* “I did feel that Porsha at that time needed to leave the show, because I felt like I’m a good judge of character… I’ve been given a gift. I kept feeling like Porsha and Kordell were not being really honest. I felt like if Porsha came back a second season with Kordell, he would keep her from saying things… this is not the show that you need to come on and have ‘you can’t do this’… then don’t come on this show. This show is about your life and what’s going on in your life… My opinion has changed. Now that Kodell has filed for divorce, she should come right on back… now that he’s out of the picture- and only if he’s going to stay out of the picture- she should come back.”

* “I may have a blackout moment (if Sheree walked into the show again). Let her stay where she’s at.”

* “I like the fun Phaedra… the Phaedra that is ‘oh lord honey’… I don’t like that… I felt Phaedra was funny as hell (at the reunion)… Phaedra (came out ahead at the reunion in Kenya vs Phaedra)… Nothing was more genius than Kenya having a fan. I thought the fan was hilarious.”

* “I believe there was never a relationship (between Kenya and Walter). I believe what I always believed that Kenya and Walter had a pact coming onto the show… They were never in a relationship. I never saw it with these two eyes.”

* “I love Jersey… they’re such gangsters.”

* “I was on Teresa’s side then I went to Melissa’s side- and then I didn’t like either one of them… I feel for Teresa, because there’s something about being the first one in… Listen, Melissa, you came on her show and you watched her on television and you wanted to be on the show like she was… Take a seat, you’re not a veteran.”

* “I feel like Vicki is the boss. Ramona is the boss. I’m the boss. You came on my show because you were watching me at home and you wanted to be just like me. That’s why you joined the show.”

* “We (Ramona, Vicki, Teresa, and I) have a work ethic that is very different from the new girls on the show.”

* “Nobody can out talk Ramona (Singer) by the way.”

* “I watched New Jersey on the carpet and I saw Melissa on this end and Teresa on that end. (about the Upfronts).”

* “I’m the star. I’m the boss… Absolutely (I am the star of Atlanta housewives). Is there anybody else? I am definitely it.”

* “Very weird (in reaction to the Beverly Hills cast)… Brandi is a train wreck… She’s just off the chain. She’s off the hook in a lot of things she has to say… She said a lot of stuff she needs to not say (to us after the up fronts)… She thinks she’s a gangster or something. She thinks that she can get in people’s faces and say what she wants to say. I like her when she’s not drinking… Her and drinks don’t work for me.”

* “The Orange County girls- for me- I don’t connect with most of them for some reason… I almost want you to recast Orange County. A couple of them can go. A couple of them are quite boring.”

* “I don’t want to be like Kim and be like I’m in a different place- goodbye.”

* “I will be around for as long as you guys will have me.”

* “I look back on the show. I regret a lot of things. I regret my marriage being out there publicly. I regret some of the fights I had with Kim… I hate that they happened on camera. I hate that I ever told you guys about Sheree. I wish I hadn’t told you (about her)… I just think that she’s not a grateful person, I just do. She’s not grateful. She feels very entitled. She was the wrong referral. I take it back… She was just not- no.”

* “You’re shady, honey!” (about Andy Cohen)

* “When and if I ever the leave the show, I will always be in the background. I will be searching for new housewives… I feel like I’m the madam of the show.”

* “I’m starting to be a little stingy, because I want to make sure I always have (money).”

This was a great special! Let us know what you thought!