Jill Zarin Says Bethenny Would Be A Great Jerry Springer

Former Real Housewife of New York- and whiny fame whore- Jill Zarin cannot seem to stop taking about Bethenny Frankel. Trying to stay relevant much? 20130607-182429.jpg

Jill tells blogger Gossip David, “I’m pretty sure if I was a guest on her show I’d be the most-watched episode, like when I was on Andy’s show, on Watch What Happens Live. Is she doing a show like Jerry Springer? I think Bethenny would be a great Jerry Springer.”

She continued talking with him saying, “Everything my mother Gloria said was true. My mother told Bethenny she was never going to be happy going down that road. Jason Hoppy knew exactly what he was getting himself into. I don’t have any sympathy for him. He bought it lox, stock and barrel. She was auditioning him for the role of a lifetime. And as predicted, she ate him up and spit him out, that’s what Bethenny does. She eats them up and spits them out. And she’s going to do it on her talk show. It doesn’t mean she won’t be successful, she will be successful. But she will go through many producers. I bet Bethenny is exhausted though, she’s probably ready for a nervous breakdown. Having a baby, and dealing with the divorce, and selling her companies and building a brand, and now building a show. I never could understand how Bethenny could do it all, and I was right. You can’t do it all. Something’s going to fall apart. First, he marriage fell apart.”

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