Blackberry Q10- First Thoughts!



We have been granted an awesome opportunity to review the new Blackberry Q10. If you follow us, you know that we have not only a love of housewives, but also a love of fashion, theater, and technology. Years ago, before the iPhone became the most popular handset in the word, Blackberry reigned king of smartphones. In fact, even after the iPhone was out, I still remember the majority of people who were “fashionable” as having Blackberrys. Then things started to change and the iPhone surged in popularity while the popularity of the Blackberry declined. 

We will get to the full review at the end of our three week trial run with the device, but here are some of our first thoughts:

– The touchscreen is EXTREMELY responsive. It is better than any touchscreen on any Blackberry I’ve ever used. 

– It is nice to have the red notification light and the keyboard. 

– The battery life seems pretty decent. It gets through a day of charge easily with twitter, facebook, and more open. 

– It has the classic Blackberry form that Blackberry enthusiasts love. 

– The app market has more than it has ever had on a Blackberry before, including many iOS/Android games. 

We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you as they continue to develop!