Chicago on Broadway Disappoints

Chicago is one of my favorite movies. Any time it comes on, I can’t help but sing along. I had the chance to see the Broadway show this past week and I left the theater feeling, well… longing to watch the movie.


I had previously had the chance to see Chicago on Broadway back in 2001. When I had the choice to see it last week, I realized that I remembered very little of the show so it would be good to refresh my memory. I think I actually tried to forget it 12 years ago.

The show opens with the beloved song, “All That Jazz,” and that song set the mood for the show: underwhelming. The leads of the show sang and danced as if they couldn’t be bothered putting any effort into the performance.

A few songs later, it was time for “Cell Block Tango.” Up to this point I was very disappointed, but was still excited for this song. This is the most energetic song and surely couldn’t disappoint… only it did. For that song, I expect loud singing, stomping choreography, angry faces, true passion… and it was all missing. I honestly have seen a local dance school recital lip synch a better choreographed version.

If you have ever see the Academy Award winning Chicago movie, you know it is fantastic. What the writers of the movie did was take the best parts of the show, improve them, and leave behind all of the boring parts. Save yourself the money and pop in the DVD: it’s immensely better and you don’t have to politely clap for lackluster performances such as the Broadway version.

Note: I saw the show prior to Wendy Williams joining the cast.