Exclusive: Alexia Echevarria Not Helping Others In Her Son’s Situation

Real Housewife of Miami Alexia Ehchevarria has had her hands full with her son Frankie over the past two years. He was involved in a horrible car crash that left him in critical condition. We are happy to see he is improving as evidenced on this season of the show. 



While Alexia seems sweet on the show, we have had an exclusive source come to us to detail a situation that makes her not seem so giving and sweet. 

Our source tells us, “My good friend- her 26 year old daughter fell in an accident, two stories. She is in Jackson Memorial. She has been in the trauma unit for a couple of months and my best friend is devastated. We reached out to another mutual good friends who is very good friends with Alexia. I told my friend what happened to my other friend’s daughter and she was so upset. She said, “Don’t worry, I’ll call Alexia. I’m friends with her.”When her son Frankie was in the hospital I went to the hospital with her all the time. I prayed with her for Frankie and did stuff for her. I was always there for her and she told me a story about how some woman did for her and she met some woman in the hospital that was going through the same thing Frankie was going through. She said this is what you need to know, here’s all the information… ” Alexia told my good friend, “I’ll never forget her doing that and that’s what I want to do. I want to help others who are going through the same thing Frankie went through.” My girlfriend told me that and she goes “I’m just gonna call her up and please ask her to do this for my friend.” I said, “Oh my God. Please do that. That will really help my friend. She’s so devastated. She won’t leave the hospital. She won’t eat, she won’t drink- nothing. She needs this.”

Our source continues, “For over two months my friend kept leaving her messages, emailing her, and texting her. On all the messages, on all the emails, on all the texts she said the same thing- “My good friend is in the hospital. Her daughter had an accident. She’s paraplegic right now. Can you come in and just talk to her and tell her what you went through with Frankie?” So I spoke to my good friend and I said to her, “Alexia’s going to come in to talk to you.” She said, “That would be great. I don’t know anybody else who went through this.” For two months my friend chased Alexia, called her, called her, called her, called her, and nothing. She wouldn’t do it.” 

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