Was Scary Island Fake?

With the Housewives franchise, one always wonders just how much is truth and how much is exaggerated. Recently certain things are leading us to question the validity of the “Scary Island” episode of season 3 from the Real Housewives of New York where former housewife Kelly Bensimon seemed to have a mental breakdown and even went so far as to accuse Bethenny Frankel of trying to kill her.


Now we are starting to wonder if the episode was staged based on two things:

– In the last few weeks Kelly taped for an episode of Bethenny’s new talk show. We can’t imagine she would have done this if she’s that afraid of her.

– Kelly interviewed with Radar Online this week and told them that she filmed for the new season and that, “It was fun. It was a nice opportunity to hang out with Luann and Carole. It was real life. It wasn’t fabricated stuff. No enemies and no kooky craziness. It was great!”

Hmm… Was the entire thing in season 3 fabricated then? Let us know what you think!