Is Kelly Bensimon Obsessed With Bethenny Frankel?

Recently we thought former Real Housewives of New York Kelly Bensimon and Bethenny Frankel were in a better place. Kelly had tweeted the following pic that made it seem like she had taped on Bethenny’s talk show:


This week we found out she didn’t tape for Bethenny’s talk show when Bethenny was on Watch What Happens Live and said she “would have Kelly on”
but “wasn’t sure for what.”

If that wasn’t strange enough, then Kelly posted this pic:


Then this week it comes out that Kelly was seen hanging out with Jason Hoppy, Bethenny’s soon to be ex-husband. Kelly has claimed to the press that they just “ran into each other”
and that he’s a “cute Daddy.”

In addition, Kelly then decided to go off this week about Bethenny to the press.

Then Kelly told In Touch Weekly the following this week:

“She will not shut up about a TV show that was not even real. I have never said anything about her. I always keep my mouth shut and it’s like, ‘Oh that crazy Kelly…’ I mean I took the wrath from all that, and it’s just really unsettling.”

She continued by saying, “We don’t want to hear what she thinks about a fabricated television show that I was actually a part of. It’s four years ago… she needs to move on!” She insisted they aren’t enemies, but rather “simply cast mates on a TV show that we were paid for.”

Finally, she said about Bethenny’s talk show, “She will literally suck the blood from your child to get ratings. I am literally over her, so over her!”

Wow! Those are some fighting words! What do you think? Is Kelly obsessed with Bethenny?