Why Did Bethenny Lose Martha Stewart: Apprentice?

Back in 2005, Bethenny Frankel was on a reality show, but it wasn’t the Real Housewives of New York. It was the short-lives “Apprentice: Martha Stewart”. The new talk show host didn’t win the show, but she did come close. She found out recently on her show why she didn’t win that competition.


When Bethenny asked Martha why she didn’t win the title of Apprentice, she said that,

“You weren’t so likable then. You weren’t. No, you weren’t. You were a pest, you were a pest. She was a pest and you were so out there in front of everybody. Now you can be that you’re the host.”

What do you think about her explanation? Is Bethenny more likable today? What are your thoughts on her show? Sound off below!