Lynne Curtin Only Has $100.00 Left!

Former Real Housewife of Orange County Lynne Curtin has definitely had her share of hardships financially, but it seems today things have taken a turn for the worse. 


Today it was leaked that Lynne has filed new papers for her divorce from Frank Curtin in court, allegedly making an appeal for spousal support. According to the rumors swirling on various places including TMZ, Lynne only has $100.00 right now in assets. She also claims her jewelry business where she sells her cuffs is only netting her $250.00/month and allegedly has broken down her expenses in the following way, according to TMZ’s article here:


$150 – eating out
$115 – telephone and email
$  50 – laundry
$100 – clothes 
$100 – entertainment

If this is all true, it’s very sad and definitely a low point for the Real Housewife. We hope things start picking up and that she starts selling more cuffs!