Alex McCord Claims Timing of Camille Grammer Releasing Her Assault “Convenient”

Former Real Housewife of New York City Alex McCord has been doing video blogs for a while. Her latest blogs are on The Stir. In this week’s video, she talks about a multitude of topics including Camille Grammar releasing a statement that she was assaulted.


In her latest video here Alex claims that “It is horrible and no one should go through that,” but then goes on to say that “Did that just happen this week? The timing is a little convenient that Beverly Hills premieres on Monday. Hmm…”

While we love Alex, we’re not really buying into the fact that the timing is “convenient,” especially since Camille’s not even on the show anymore. Also, the insinuation is downright offensive. Alex claims this is her wearing her “cynical hat,” but we are not cracking a smile on this one. You? Let us know your thoughts!