Danielle Staub Approached Penny Drossos- NOT The Other Way Around

This past Thursday Penny Drossos did an appearance at Son Cubano Restaurant for a Halloween party. While there, she ran into a frequent customer of the restaurant, former Real Housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub. From the looks of photos posted, Danielle and Penny seemed to hit it off.


However, Danielle has taken to twitter to thank her followers for accusing Penny of asking Danielle for a photo, amongst other things. However, a source from the party tells us that was not the case. Rather, the source tells us, “Danielle went up to Penny and asked for a photo. She also asked Penny if she was on Real Housewives of New Jersey again this year.”

The source also tell us that Danielle was sitting at the table next to Penny and that no one really seemed to care that Danielle was there. Apparently she is in the restaurant quite frequently.

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