Why Have There Been No RHOM Commercials?

Is the end nearing for the Real Housewives of Miami? It might seem that way…


If you noticed, following last week’s season finale of RHOM, there was no preview of this week’s reunion. It also didn’t show up online for days, nor were any commercials advertising it. So what gives?

It might seem that the Bravo has lost faith in the show. It has advertised it in the past and paired it with successful franchises, but the ratings haven’t been stellar. On the other hand, the show did hit a season high last week.

According to someone familiar with the show’s production, they are hopeful the show will return for a fourth season. Obviously nothing is confirmed.

Has the network given RHOM a fair shot? Has it reached its end or is there more life in the show? Personally, it’s one of my favorites and I hope it continues! What are your thoughts?