Lisa Vanderpump Tells Brandi Glanville “Put a Muzzle on It”

They might be smiling in that picture, but the words that Brandi and Lisa have been sharing as of late are anything, but friendly.


On Watch What Happens Live, Brandi claimed that RHOM star Joanna Krupa had an affair with Mohammed Hadid while he was married a decade ago to RHOBH star Yolanda Foster. She also claimed Mohamed told her Joanna’s p****y smelled and that Lisa heard him say this. Mohamed tried to clear up the story earlier on twitter, which I reported on in an earlier post.

Mohamed’s friend, Lisa Vanderpump, chimed in on the situation to Us Weekly:

“Mohamid Hadid is a man of integrity, he’s a gentleman. When she opens her mouth, whatever she says, her remarks have repercussions. Actions have consequences. And so, she carelessly threw out something so egregious and vulgar and it was upsetting to Joanna Krupa, who I don’t know very well at all . . . From what they both told me, she was not culpable in the demise of their marriage or involved in it in any shape or form. But I don’t know, I’m not commenting on that. What I am commenting on is that she said my friend would say something so distasteful, so disgusting — and the consequence is it affects him, his ex wife, and his children. It’s embarrassing and that man would never say that. That’s why I’m retaliating and hitting back. Not to defend myself, but you talk crap about my friend I’m going to come out all guns blazing. I tried to make light of it and make a joke of it on Twitter with Joanna because it was so humiliating. Who wants to hear something like that? Sometimes I think she should just put a muzzle on it.”


Should Brandi put a muzzle on it? Or is this all just a fun new controversy?