Want To Get Healthy? Do A Nekter Juice Bar Cleanse!


The latest trend in getting healthy is DEFINITELY juicing. This is where you drink a series of six juices in place of meals throughout the day. These juices are cold pressed and made primarily of fruits and vegetables. We definitely are not talking your standard carrot juice- rather, one bottle can contain approximately 15 pounds of fruit and vegetables!

How does a cleanse like this taste and feel, you may wonder?

I tried each of Nektar’s one day cleanses, the Original Cleanse, the Advanced Cleanse, and the Organic Cleanse. To my delight, I found that each drink was EXTREMELY filling, VERY tasty, and DEFINITELY fulfilling. I actually didn’t find myself hungry or craving food once while on the cleanse and found myself looking forward to each drink. The best drink I had out of the entire 9 bottles was definitely a beet-infused pink lemonade drink (bottle #4) on the organic cleanse. Regardless of which cleanse you do, you will find yourself feeling healthy and fulfilled.

My only complaint about Nekter is that they are located in California. I am DYING for them to come out to the East Coast, as they are a great company with a fantastic product line. However, fear not if you don’t live in California, as they ship all of their juices and cleanses packed on ice, which is how they came to me.

Overall, if you are toying with the idea of a cleanse, choose Nekter. You will NOT be disappointed.