10 Things We’re Thankful For- Housewives Edition


While we here at the Real Mr. Housewife are thankful for many of the normal things- friends, family, food, shelter- and especially thankful for ALL of you, our readers, we wanted to sit back and come up with a list of 10 things we’re thankful for- Housewives edition. Here goes!

#10- Kenya Moore Twerking On A Piano


Sure, Miley Cyrus may have been the first to bring the term “tweak” to the mainstream, but Ms. Kenya Moore is owning it with her new dance revolution called “tweaking on the piano.” We hope to see her not only tweaking, but also twirling on the piano real soon!

#9- Mama Joyce Telling Todd “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Ain’t No Dessert Hot Enough, To Keep Me Off Ya Ass Baby!”


Kandi’s Mom has never been one to mince words, but this coming week’s episode looks like it is going to be right up there with her “Is there alcohol in this? There is?” comment a few seasons back. While we may not agree with her stance on Todd, we cannot WAIT to see Mama Joyce lay into him, especially with the quote.

#8- Danielle Staub’s Awkward Watch What Happens Live AppearanceImage

Danielle Staub’s rumored return to Real Housewives of New Jersey NEVER happened. However, she did return as a guest to Watch What Happens Live and boy was it AWKWARD! She practically refused to answer any question and kept giving Andy piercing, scary looks. It made for one of the most awkward nights by Bravo yet and we savored every minute of it.

#7- Tamra Barney Telling Alexis Bellino To “Get The F Out” 


We have ALWAYS adored Tamra Barney for her brash honesty, but she took it to another level this year when she told Alexis Bellino to “get the F out” of her gym dinner party. We LOVED this moment, as Tamra was totally in it, there was no fakeness, and she sincerely wanted her gone. We may try this at a dinner party soon if a guest annoys us.

#6- Lydia McLaughin’s Mother Judy and Her Fairy Dust


We truly do love when moms of Housewives come on the shows, especially when they turn out to be a bit kooky. Lydia McLaughin’s Mom Judy was no exception, walking around the OC sprinkling her fairy dust on people and getting into a HUGE fight with Vicki Gunvalson’s son-in-law Ryan Culberson. We LOVED it and are sad Lydia won’t be back this season, as this likely means Judy is out too.

#5- Marysol Patton’s Video of Her Dad Scolding Lea BlackImageWhile we’ve always felt Marysol has been out to get Lea, it was never more apparent then on the season 3 reunion when Marysol brought a video of her father, laying in a hospital bed, saying how disappointed in Lea he was. The best part is that Lea has NEVER met Marysol’s father. #Ridiculous #DesperationOnANewLevel

#4- Jill Zarin’s “Ladies That Lunch” 


Our favorite mean girl to ever be fired from Bravo hosted a summer luncheon this past summer where she invited friends and a slew of Bravolebrities. Jill is beyond desperate to return to the show, regardless of what she says and this ridiculous summer luncheon- which was live tweeted- was just another way of showing this.

#3- Melissa and Teresa Making Up


We like both of these women and to take it to the more serious (jokes aside) for a minute, we were happy to see them make up this season. Family should stick together and they’re now showing that 🙂

#2- News That Dina Manzo Is Returning To Real Housewives of New Jersey


Whatever the reason is, we are THRILLED Dina Manzo will be returning to Real Housewives of New Jersey! It’s definitely going to be a good season with Dina back!

And, most importantly, we are thankful for…



Without Andy, where would any of us be? We’d have no “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” no Turtle Time, no Scary Island, no Dinner Party From Hell, no table flipping, no Gone With The Wind Fabulous- and the list goes on and on. The man is a genius and we are happy to be living in his world.

Happy Thanksgiving!