Joanna Krupa’s “Scent” Reveled by Husband Romain Zago


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills opened up a feud when she claimed on Watch What Happens Live that Joanna Krupa, from Real Housewives of Miami, was the reason Yolanda Foster and Mohamed Hadid’s marriage fell apart. Brandi went even further to claim Joanna’s “P***y smells like fish” and claimed that Mohamed told her that. Recently, TMZ caught up with Joanna and Romain at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. Romain decided to comment on her scent.

On his wife’s vagina, Romain said it smells “like roses.”

Joanna commented, “Some people need attention desperately, and she went to that level. Do you guys smell anything? I understand she’s bitter because her hot husband left her. Maybe hers smells. I don’t know. I’m not the one with the problem, so maybe she sniffed herself. I laughed when I heard that because someone her age should know better.”

Burn! This definitely is a feud that’s NOT going away any time soon. Let us know what you think!