Yolanda Foster Says Kyle and Kim Richards Are Insecure AND Jealous!


Typically, fans of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills think of Yolanda Foster s one of the wives that does not tend to cause any drama and is quieter. We must say we LOVE that Yolanda is NOT sitting idly by this year. This week, Yolanda is calling Kim and Kyle Richards out for being insecure and jealous!

Yolanda says in her blog, “I’m not very diplomatic and wear my heart on my sleeve. I cannot fake, make nice, or even pretend nothing ever happened between the Richards sisters and I. They insulted my integrity and they continue to do so. I always wonder, what drives women like that? I assume the sad answer is insecurity and jealousy.”

Yolanda continued, “I don’t particularly care for the way she (Kim) spoke to me and repeatedly told us how to behave at an afternoon of adult women’s gymnastics. I just don’t agree with her lack of wanting to resolve issues, but rather choosing to swipe them under the carpet and fake OK for the day!”

Yolanda also commented on Brandi bringing up the Mauricio cheating scandal, claiming, “”Brandi brought up Mauricio’s situation at lunch because it was all over the press and everyone was talking about it — except in front of Kyle. The conversation was never meant to hurt Kyle in anyway, but rather to show her support, share experiences, and give her an opening to talk about it.”

Whew! That’s a LOT to digest. We LOVE the Yolanda of this season. Let us know what you think!