Is Nene Leakes Leaving RHOA?

Rumors have been circulating the internet for the last few days about whether or not this could be Nene’s final season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.


“At some point I do [plan to leave RHOA]. I love the acting world. So at some point…I can’t continue to be a Housewife. At some point, I have to back out,” she said to the New York Post last year.

She also kept commenting on twitter recently about how the show is boring because she hasn’t been on it as much and how it is a part of “their plan”. Bravo’s plan? Are they trying to minimize her role so her departure doesn’t sting so much?
So is this season Nene’s swan song? I don’t think so. For one, though we know she has higher aspirations, she doesn’t have any lined up yet. Nene has spoken in the past about her desire to do a talk show, but that hasn’t happened yet and we are nearing the time of year that next year’s syndicated shows need to be sold. If Nene’s talk show were to happen, it would need to be announced soon, otherwise it wouldn’t have a station to go on (unless it were a Bravo talk show?). Also, a word of caution to Nene on this front: see Bethenny’s ratings.
Nene also doesn’t have anything else lined up yet. Why leave a successful show, such as RHOA, when you’ve got no where to go?! She’s in Glee only sparingly and that show is finishing next season. The New Normal was sadly cancelled too. There’s no other shows lined up for Nene… again, unless there’s something she hasn’t announced yet.
Maybe she feels she needs to quit cold turkey to send a message that she is a serious actress? It’s a possibility.
If I had to predict, I think we will see Nene in at least one more season of RHOA in quite the same role: a bit of advice, occasional drama, and lots of talk where she forgets where she came from.