Joyce Giraud Claims Brandi’s Worst Behavior Didn’t Even Air!

Is there more to the shocking behavior that Brandi Glanville has shown on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as of late?


According to a source who spoke to Perez Hilton,

Joyce is shocked that more of the blonde’s outrageous behavior isn’t even aired. Brandi has flashed her private parts during filming, but it never aired. Joyce believes Brandi sucks up to Bravo and producers of the show so that the really bad stuff isn’t aired. Brandi has made racist and inflammatory comments that were never included also. It makes Joyce question how real this reality show really is.

The source continued, “Joyce isn’t out to get Brandi…she is simply holding her accountable for the hateful disgusting comments she made.”

Let’s hope we all get a belated Christmas gift in the form of some of those clips on a lost footage show!