Why Did Dina Manzo Initially Leave Real Housewives of New Jersey?



Now that she’s coming back, one may wonder, why did Dina Manzo actually leave Real Housewives of New Jersey in the first place? Was it Danielle Staub, as was indicated back then? Was it conflict with Caroline that we didn’t see on camera? Or was it something else entirely? 

According to an article on Faux Reality Entertainment from earlier this year, the reason Dina left was due to Jacqueline. Apparently, Caroline would constantly defend Jacqueline because she thought she was unstable and wanted to protect her brother. Dina supposedly didn’t like this, since Jacqueline went up against her (Remember the season 1 dinner party? “You’re a liar, Dina” ring a bell?) 

We have reached out to sources close to the show, and while we haven’t gotten specific details, they have said that the information posted is more or less accurate. Interesting!