Typo Keyboard- The iPhone Accessory You Need NOW!



It was hard for me a few years ago to part with my Blackberry. The keyboard was just perfect, and going to the iPhone was  new type of typing experience. Fast forward to now, and I’m completely used to the iPhone’s keyboard; however, that’s not to say I don’t still have issues with it and make typos frequently. Enter Typo Keyboard- the newest iPhone accessory backed by none other than Ryan Seacrest. 

In one word, the Typo Keyboard is phenomenal. It has fixed EVERY issue I have with typing on the iPhone and has made me magnitudes more productive with my phone. What’s even greater is that it adds almost no weight to your phone and creates a case at the same time as adding a keyboard. Also, the way it works via Bluetooth is simply brilliant and works with ease. It also features a great battery life, as it only needs to be charged ~once every three days. 

If you do ANYTHING productive from your iPhone, I cannot recommend the Typo Keyboard enough. While some will say it’s a Blackberry copy, let’s be honest- Blackberry has been dead for a while. For the others that say it’s no longer necessary for a tactile keyboard, the second you lay your hand on the Typo Keyboard, your opinion will revert. Finally, it is important to note that I have gotten MANY people asking me about it and eyeing it up. If you’re into the latest fashion accessory, this is definitely it. 

Get your Typo Keyboard here: http://typokeyboards.com