What the Mob Wives Think of the Real Housewives

Let’s be honest: though Mob Wives and the Real Housewives both share the title Wives and feature a group of women interacting, the similarities really end there. Though WE might know the differences, it’s interesting to hear what the Mob Wives say those differences are.


Renee, Alicia, and Drita stopped by the final hour of the Today show and had this to say about the fighting on the Real Housewives:

To me, that’s just the way we talk on the phone. Nobody’s bleeding, and there’s no lenses that are broken. It’s kind of like, that’s not a fight.

They also shared that another big difference is that the Mob Wives airs at the same time it is being filmed, so their emotions are often based upon what they saw on the show the night before!

I personally love the Mob Wives! The show is dramatic and always fresh. If you haven’t watched this season, there is a marathon all day tomorrow on VH1 and the season 4 finale is Thursday at 10pm est.

What are your thoughts on Mob Wives and the differences between that show and the Real Housewives?