Why I Don’t Think Kordell Stewart is Gay

Is Kordell Stewart, Porsha’s ex-husband, gay? Despite rumors and talk that he is, I just don’t think so and here’s why…


News broke this week about Kordell and Porsha’s divorce settlement in which Porsha gets very, very little.

Let’s hypothetically say for a moment that Kordell is gay and that he asked Porsha to be his “beard”, as Kenya said. Porsha has certainly hinted about that when she said, “I told him that I had a plan for us and that my plan was to be the ideal couple and that whatever was in his past, that was nasty, that hurt him, all those rumors, I would help him erase that. I did that for him.”

So, if there really was this whole plan, if they really did decide that Porsha would be Kordell’s cover-up for being gay, then wouldn’t Porsha make sure she would get something from the deal? Wouldn’t she want to get paid for the favor of playing this role?

Of course she would! But she’s not getting the house, the health insurance, or the retirement money. She gets a car, a ring, and some personal belongings. Porsha isn’t getting much, and she certainly isn’t getting paid for playing the role of Kordell’s wife for five years. Why? Because there was no plan! The two married for love, which just happened to not lost.

I do not think Kordell is gay. I just think Porsha set out this season as a hurt person with a vendetta to tarnish his reputation.

What are your thoughts?