I Believe In Karen Olivo and Her Album!


As I’m sure you know, I am a huge fan of the powerhouse talent that is Karen Olivo. She was stunning in Broadway’s “BKLYN,” awe-inducing in “In The Heights,” a Tony winner in “West Side Story,” and jaw drop-worthy in “Murder Ballad.” Now Karen has taken to the online community for our help.

Karen has announced that she wants to make an album.


She describes it in the following manner:

“I have always wanted to do an album of my own and even began working on one not long ago. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the process…life happened. After choosing a new direction for my art, I’m back to finish what I started. I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

As I start developing the sound of this album, I will begin with a (top secret) song list that will include Broadway, Folk, and Pop titles with a few originals written by my collaborators and me. As we continue through the development process, things may change a bit. But, for now, that is the direction that we are heading.

I feel very strongly about the power of art and making an album isn’t cheap. All of the money that goes into developing, recording, and packaging this album will employ artists (musicians, photographers, engineers, vocalists, writers, etc.). Collaborating with artists has always been a focus for me and I am excited to create art with others for this album.

I am asking for your support to make this album. I am asking you to be a part of this process by contributing what you can to its success. I have some great rewards in exchange for your financial support. I have a goal of raising $35,000 to help with studio, mastering, mixing, musicians, duplication and artwork. Since Kickstarter is an all or nothing program, if I don’t hit the goal all of your pledges will be returned to you. Thank you in advance. Let’s do this!”

I, for one, am planning on supporting her. There are various rewards depending on the level you select, including a signed copy of her album and a private concert. Let’s help Karen so we can make this happen. I believe in Karen Olivo. Go here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1240003514/karen-olivo-debut-album-project to donate. I plan to.