You Won’t Believe Who Might Return to RHOBH!!

Though we have our own tournament going on now for who you most want to return to the Real Housewives, we missed the boat when it comes to who might be returning to RHOBH. You won’t believe who it is!

The possible person who might return is Faye Resnick!


According to Radar,

Producers are seriously considering making a formal offer to Faye to become a series regular cast member. She has been a controversial (person) in the past when she appeared on the show and is a closer friend and ally of Kyle. Plus, Faye isn’t afraid to stand up to the other ladies.

I’m going to say I do not think this is a way to improve the show. If people are so turned off to Brandi to create a petition to get her removed, I can’t imagine that backlash against Faye. She was a controversial figure last season when I revealed her past.

What are your thoughts? Will she be a welcomed addition to the show?