Kandi Says Mama Joyce Had Credit Cards in Kandi’s Name That Kandi Was Unaware Of!



It looks like the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion is going to continue to be explosive when Kandi’s mother, Mama Joyce, joins the ladies this coming Sunday. Joyce goes after Cynthia Bailey, claiming, “Ms. Cynthia said… ‘How did Mama Joyce get her money? I think Kandi take care of Mama Joyce. Kandi has never taken care of Mama Joyce.” 

Cynthia quickly apologized, but then Kandi stepped in. 

Kandi got defensive, saying, “Wait, are you going to say I’ve never taken care of you? Let’s go back to a couple of years ago when you had credit cards in my name that I did not know about and that’s why I took my checkbook back away from you. Then we sat down and I gave you extra money every month to subsidize it.”
Mamy Joyce responded, “You gave me $700.00 a month!”
Kandi quickly retorted, “Because you were spending all of the rest of the money on gambling and the Home Shopping Network. I always try not to waste money.”
Joyce claimed, “I spend my money on what I wanted to. I was NOT spending Kandi money.”
Interesting! We cannot wait to see what else goes down with Mama Joyce and the rest of the women this Sunday!