Nene Tells Cynthia- If You Think The Demise of Our Friendship Is Your Season 7 Story Line- Think Again



Cynthia Bailey made a lovely appearance on Watch What Happens Live this past Sunday night. While on the show, fellow Real Housewife of Atlanta Nene Leakes posted something online. 

She said, “Why didn’t you pull me aside to talk to me about how you were feeling instead of dicing our friendship up in front of a bunch of people who don’t care? Surely I am worthy of that considering I have carried you on my back. Goodbye friend. PS- If you or anyone else thinks the demise of our friendship if your story line for season 7, think again flip flopper.” 

Cynthia retorted that Nene has no story line and that Nene should have pulled her aside before she came on Watch What Happens I’ve and tried to get her fired. 

Interesting! Let us know what you think!